Hello! My name is Mrs. McNulty.

Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study climate change and mammals!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time...to Trap!

Today we learned how to prepare small mammal traps and set them out in a 100m x 100m grid. Making our way through the very thick forest brambles was hard, hard work! We prepared and set out 100 of these traps!

It is very important to study the small mammals because they are good indicators of how the rest of the food web is doing. These smaller creatures are the foundation of food chains.
We will be checking the traps tomorrow to see if we have had any furry visitors =)

Next, it was Time...to Build!

We helped build the wall of a field station cabin.

Now, it's Time...for another Challenge!

If I call you at 2:00 in Daly City, what time will it be here in Nova Scotia?

Hint: Use the World Tour section of your SRB to help you!


  1. Hi mrs m !!
    Enjoyin ur trip ?? Well i just wanted to say tell me all about the visiters!
    Sorry , i cant talk now i need to sleep!
    With best wishes , laura

  2. So is the animal going to be on a trap?

    And what time 5:00

  3. 8 am there ......hi mrs MCNULTY im joey

  4. hello mrs.mcnulty this is Pol I think the time there in Nova Scotia is 8 oclock

  5. 6 a.m....Hi Mrs.McNulty!It's me,Miya,I miss u a lot.I hope everything is going well.Mrs. Louie is really nice,I can't wait for u to come back.


  6. hello, mrs.m!
    about the question .Since it is 4 hours different from here and to novia scotia. it will be 6:00 when u call at 2:00

  7. 6 a.m......this is your wonderful student who talks a lot when i am not supossed to u guessed it it is amrit the student whoTALKS A LOT. What u doing. I bet u r petting animals well this isgoodby see u today on the projectar girl.

  8. malliejo AsuncionApril 14, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    the will be 6:00 in Nova Scotia

  9. the time will be 6:00 in Nova Scotia

  10. the time will be 6:00 in nova scotia

  11. hello mrs.Mcnulty I think the anwser is 6:00pm

  12. Hi, kiddos! I am missing you bunches! Great work on the time challenge.

    Many of you got it right. Some of you did the math backwards. There is a 4 hour time difference, but we are ahead by 4 hours in Nova Scotia not behind.

    That means, if it's 2:00 in Daly City, it is 6:00 in Nova Scotia.

    I will post the answers to the SCAT challenge soon, but want to see more students guess first! =)