Hello! My name is Mrs. McNulty.

Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study climate change and mammals!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Pronounced, "Ke-jee-mi-ku-jik", it means place of the spirits
according to the Mi'kmaw, the indigenous people (Native Americans) of the area.

Kejimkujik is now a National Park & Historic Site of Canada. It is very different from the other landscape we have been working in so far. "Keji" is home to the biggest old-growth forest in Nova Scotia. A very special thing to see here are the groves of Hemlock trees.

From rushing rapids to the stillest lake I think I've ever seen, there is also a beautiful variety of water within the park.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper day in the forest if we didn't see some scat =) I have a new type of scat to show you.
Can you guess which animal it came from?

In order to do a "Dropping Survey" we have to mark out a 10meter by 10 meter square called a quadrat. We use four tall poles to mark the area, then we all line up next to each other and move forward from one end to the other, looking for & counting any animal droppings that we see.

We marked out and surveyed a total of ten quadrats today and found about 50 piles of scat!

Today's challenge has TWO parts

1. What animal do you think left the droppings above?
Hint: It is larger than any of the other mammals I have talked about so far!

2. Why do you think it is called a "quadrat"?
Hint: Look for something inside the word that you have seen during Math!


  1. Its a girafe that is a tallest animal?

  2. Hi Mrs.Mcnulty.This is Phoebe Mijos,your best,prettiest,and the smartest student ever!!!My answer for number one is... a lion or a bear.My best answer that I chose is a goat.My answer for number two is a ten meter by ten meter square.A square is a four-sided shape.

  3. Hi Mrs.Mcnulty it's Sophia and my answer for #1 is Goat or Mountain Lion, but my best answer is Goat.

  4. for #1 is a bear or a goat .
    for #2 is a square .