Hello! My name is Mrs. McNulty.

Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study climate change and mammals!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Here! (AND I found out about the baby porcupines!)

It was a tiring journey, but I have finally arrived!

Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. Today, I met the team and we drove out to our cottage in Cherry Hill. What did I see along the way? Trees, trees, trees! And water, of course =) Fresh water and salt water are both a few steps away.

I also saw large croppings of rocks. Kiddos, I want you to dig deep into your memory (or science books if you need help ;) and tell me:
What type of rocks do you think I saw here in Nova Scotia?

Tomorrow, we get to work! I'll have pictures soon and will share much more about the exciting research we'll be doing.

Before I go, I have some great news! Do you remember the picture we saw of the baby porcupines ("porcupets")? We couldn't believe that they were born with those sharp spines! I asked one of the head scientists today about it and it turns out that the spines are wet and soft when the babies are born. The spines aren't sharp and dangerous until they dry out later on. Mystery solved!

Important message for all students:
I love reading your comments, but please remember to use your first name ONLY when you post; no last names. Keep up the great work!


  1. Hi Mrs. McNulty,
    So glad you made it safely. We are excited to read your posts. Please let us know what you are learning. We can't wait to Skype !
    Mrs. Larocque

  2. That is a interesting fact mrs.m!!

    Thank goodness u made it safely

  3. Oh , i forgot , cool pic. ! ! !

  4. Hello and we miss you!

    XOXO, Monica, Helen, Jlyn, Miya, Nicole, Pey- Jen and Katie