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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Flashy" Droppings

We checked our traps this morning and again in the early evening. Most of you predicted we would find around 10 animals today. The total number of furry friends captured today was...

We were revisited by all of our friends from yesterday except Fiesty McFiesterson.

We also met someone new today who was not a Redbacked Vole but a chipmunk! No, we did not name him Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.

Meet: "Flash" =)

Flash was even fiestier than Fiesty!

Next, it was on to a new type of work. We had to get on our hands and knees, crawl through the sharp brambles and underbrush, and look for evidence of an animal called the Snowshoe Hare. What evidence were we looking for? Scat, of course ;)

Here we are working hard on our "Dropping Survey"

This is Ms. Blemker; another teacher on my team. She teaches kindergarten in Seattle. Ms. B. is holding only a small pile of the droppings we counted today. Altogether the team found about 5,ooo Snowshoe Hare droppings! This data will help the scientists determine how the population of hares is doing and how healthy the forest is.

We were supposed to do some beaver watching today, but we had to postpone it due to weather. It started to rain and the temperature dropped a lot tonight. These are unfriendly conditions for beaver watching but we will try again soon!

Last Chance for SCAT predictions! Everyone should get at least one correct answer (thanks to today's blog :)
I will reveal all the answers when we talk tomorrow, kiddos.
Skype you soon!


  1. WOW!It`s REALLY cool that you caught 8 animals.I wish that I can go on the trip with you.Well,have a nice time learning about these animals.P.S. Did the animals bite you?If they did, I`m sorry to hear that.

  2. Hi Mrs. McNulty ,
    8 animals are a lot . Have a GREAT trip , and i
    found the wedsite !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. are you having fun???? hope you are =). did you find other animals you never seen before?

  4. wow thats really close to what i got mrs.mcnulty we all hope u r having fun!:D

  5. thats really cool c u in 1 week frm now

  6. Hi mrs. mcnulty I hope you have a great trip and see you soon

  7. Hi Melissa - I am liking all of your furry friends - don't know about their residue you are dealing with. Hope you are having a great time! Ann

  8. hi mrs.mcnulty it's sophia mendiola i realyy miss you sorry i didn't get to answer a lot of questions but i hope you come back soon!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Mrs.McNulty! Can you post the carbon footprint website again i can't seem to find it right now. see you!

  10. Jacalyn,look on the right side of my blog page and it will have the titles of all the different blogs. Find the one titled "Footprints" and it will be there! Tell me all about your results after you do it =)

  11. Hi Mrs.Mcnulty i miss you how many animals did u find and what animals did u see.bye