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Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study climate change and mammals!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cook's Lake~~Brrrrr!

37 degrees+rain+30 mile an hour winds=Brrrrrrr!

It was a tough day today, but also exciting because we went to a brand new work site. It is a place called Cook's Lake and it looks very different from the last place we worked. Cook's Lake has grassland & wetland areas as well as woodland.

We set small mammal traps again, but this time in a different environment which means we expect to catch some different types of animals!

Previously, we mostly caught Voles. We also caught one chipmunk and one other furry friend I haven't told you about yet...
a Deer Mouse! We named him "Mighty" :)

We should be catching more mice at our new site. Some Deer mice, but also a different species called the Woodland Jumping Mouse. We also expect to collect another very interesting animal called the Short-tailed Shrew!

Today's Challenge: How are mice and shrews different from voles (the rodent we have mostly been catching so far)?
Hint: Look closely at the blog pictures to help you get started.

Yesterday's Answers: The area we marked out for our dropping survey is called a quadrat because it has four sides, like a quadrangle. QUAD=4 Congratulations to those of you who figured it out!

Now, whose droppings did we see? Whose Scat WAS That? It belonged to a
White-tailed Deer!


  1. Hi mrs.mucnulty !

  2. Mice and shrews are different from voles because the vole has a shorter hair tail,stouter body,a slightly rounder head,and smaller ears and eyes.( I used wikipedia to help me) Hope to see you back at Thomas Edison again. Imiss you so much. Have a great day Mrs. Mcnulty =)

  3. mice and shrews are different by their hair . a vole's hair is shorter

  4. hi mrs mcnulty this is ysabel the answer for todays question is that mice and shrew has shorter fur than voles. we miss you.

  5. voles have a thiner body,their head is more round,their tail is shorter,and their eyes and ears are smaller

  6. -they are different from a vole because they have different tails and different body size ......=]=] =]

  7. i think that shrews & voles are different by their tails,eyes,ears, and head......p.s. i hope your having a good time NoviaScotia

  8. Shrews and mice are different from voles because voles have rounder heads,less fur,and smaller eyes.Miss you.

  9. Hi Mrs. Mcnulty.I miss you!!!!!!!!!My answer for today is... shews and mice are different because voles have shorter hair tale,stouter bodies,slightly rounder heads,and smaller eyes and ears.P.S. i miss you A LOT!!!I hope your having fun in Nova Scotia.